About Goat Rental  

City Goats is a family-owned and operated business in Spanaway, Washington, serving residences, businesses and government entities.  Our herd includes nearly 120 goats, available for weed control and brush clearing projects of any size. Because goats can go where machines can’t—including wetlands, hillsides, retention ponds and waterfront—City Goats is an economical and environmentally-friendly solution to your tough weed and brush clearing needs.

Our business is growing like weeds!
Our personal commitment to quality has earned us a reputation for outstanding service. We’re known for our competitive pricing, trusted to stay within the bid, and counted on to show up on-time. For that reason, City Goats is in demand and chosen by clients such as the Olympia Capital Mall and Auburn Supermall.

* Fully insured
* We bring our own fencing
* No permits required

Advantages of a goat weed & brush control
* Environmentally friendly
* Economical
* Flexible
* Family friendly—your neighbors will love it!
* Fun
* Fast—goats are on-site for only 2-3 days

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